Benefits of the Electronic Lighter

When people first began smoking cigarettes and cigars, they would need matches to light them. Then lighters were introduced to make it easier to create a flame. Nowadays, there is an electronic lighter on the market to make things even easier.

Electric lighters, also called plasma lighters, are flameless since they use a plasma arc to light cigarettes instead of fire. This means that the created flame is completely windproof, so that you can still light up your cigarette or start a campfire even on windy days.

One of the many benefits of an electronic lighter is that they use no fluids and are completely rechargeable. They are battery operated and some newer models even come with USB charging ports so that you can charge them from your computer or even in your car.

electronic lighter

One of the biggest selling points is that electric lighters are much safer than their butane counterparts. They contain no flammable gas so accidents are much less likely to happen. They also have a safety feature built in that won’t allow an electric arc to form a flame while the lid is closed. Also, the flame that is created isn’t nearly as big as what you would get from a butane lighter, which means it is less likely to get out of control and catch your hair or clothes on fire.

There are over 2 billion butane lighters sold each year all around the world. Because they contain fossil fuels as well as butane, they are harmful to the environment. Electric lighters solve this problem because they don’t contain such fuels. A single charge of the average electric lighter can light up over 100 cigarettes, or campfires. There are even some brands that boast that they can be lit over 300 times with a single charge. They are also less likely to break if they are dropped

There are some models that were made specifically for cigars and there are others that can be used for both cigarettes and cigars, as well as miscellaneous needs. There are also two different types of electric lighters, the single arc and the dual arc. A dual arc has double the power that a single arc carries. The dual arc will also light up faster and easier than the single variety. However, the single arc is more energy efficient than its more powerful counterpart.

Even with all the positives, there are a few drawbacks to electric lighters. One of them is that most models are quite small, and thus the surface area that gets hot is small, sometimes too small to properly light a larger cigar, let alone a pipe. Some of the earlier models made a high pitch noise when in use, though many newer models have fixed this problem.

It is also important to note that the cheaper models don’t have the same battery life as some of the more expensive models. So keep that in mind when you choose one to purchase. Do a lot of research and read reviews before taking the plunge.